Fear of practice? No reasons! Nobody is born as a professional! According to your capabilities you will be thoroughly prepared for your success step by step.

An absolutely patient driving instructor and the easy-to-use technology of VW (of course with air conditioning) supporting you on this path.

Our service of course includes a pre-test for a regular price of one driving lesson..

We want, after all, you to succeed the very first attempt!!!

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Training program, first purchase, license class B

  1. Basic driving skills with concentration on:
    • Introduction to a vehicle, preparation to a drive, staring/stopping of movement
    • Driving operation: starting/stopping of movement, turning, shifting, driving with slipped clutch, driving in reverse gear
    • Shifting up to the 3rd gear, fast stopping, reversal
    • Crossing and turning on crossroads, behavior towards pedestrians and cyclists
    • Roadway usage, turning on the small crossroads, turning right at a traffic light, starting of movement on a descent
    • Turning left on a crossroad with a traffic light
    • Lane change, overtaking, driving past, energy saving driving style
    • Changing road situations (right-of-way rules, traffic light, STOP sign), small circle
    • Driving motorways with thick traffic
    • Multiple turning
    • Circle movement with road signs
    • Entering a motorway, entering parking place, emergency braking, backwards movement with turning right on a corner
    • Parking
    • Behavior towards trams
  2. Independent driving and self-evaluation
    • Independent usage of contents of basic theory
    • The quantity of lessons varies depending on a learner
  3. Extra drives
    • 5x45 min of interurban driving (before starting a technical safety check is performed)
    • 4x45 min of motorway driving
    • 3x45 min of driving at night
  4. Practical preliminary exam
  5. 5Introduction to practical exam


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