At our school you can get driver’s license of the following classes:


Class B


Class B automatic


Class B17


Class BE


Class B
with key number 96


Class B
with key number 196



Class A


Class A2


Class A1


Class AM







license extension

license exchange


You can decide, whether you want to learn to drive with automatic or manual transmission. What do all these B’s with or without E or with attached numbers mean? Earlier it was easier, because for any PKW (a car) you required a license of the 3rd class. The legislators improved and subdivided the classification many years after. A lot of the existing new classes were included into the 3rd class before. 


For this reason you can find here for better orientation the description of classes taught by us:


Class B


Motor vehicles (except from this class also
classes AM, A1, A2 and A)

  • with a maximum authorized mass
    not exceeding 3500 kg and
  • designed and constructed for the carriage
    of no more than eight passengers
    in addition to the driver,

also combined with a trailer

  • with a maximum authorized mass
    which does not exceed 750 kg or
  • with a maximum authorized mass
    which does not exceed 750 kg, so that
    a maximum authorized mass in combination
    with a trailer not exceeding 3500 kg.

Class B17


The „driver’s license from 17” is also known as
“accompanied driving”. It was initially introduced
in order to reduce the rate of car accidents

First of all parents must give their permission.
As soon as it’s been given one can, after reaching
the age of 16 ½, apply for B or BE license.
Parallel to this, an application is to be sent to
a competent office.

One participates in ordinary theory lessons as
twell as in typical practical hours. However,
it is allowed to take a practical exam one month
before the 17th birthday.

An accompanying person is obliged to be
available, exclusively as a contact person, insofar
circumstances of a driving situation allow it,
before start and during the driving process in
order toprovide safety of operating a vehicle.
For execution of his obligations an
accompanying person has to consult or to
give short instructions to an accompanied person.


Class B with the key number 96


a tractor vehiclein category B and a trailer

  • with a maximum authorized mass
    of a trailer which does not exceed 750 kg and
  • with a maximum authorized mass
    in combination with a trailer not exceeding
    3500 kg and not exceeding 4250 kg.


Class BE


a tractor vehicle in category B and a trailer
or semi-trailerwhere the maximum authorized
mass of the trailer or semi-trailer does
not exceed 3500 kg.

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